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About Us

Commonwealth Co-operative Homes is located near the major intersection of 4th Avenue and L't street Louth. We are close to Catholic and Public Schools, Daycare Centre's, Churches, Bus Routes, Major Shopping Centre, Sports Arena and the new Hospital.

Commonwealth Co-operative Homes has 65 units in our community. We are comprised of 2 & 3 Bedroom Townhouse units. There are 2, 3 story walk up apartment buildings with 12 apartments in each building. They are comprised of I and 2 bedroom apartments only. There are currently 4 semi-modified accessible units

Commonwealth currently has a "No Dog Pet Policy".

What Is A Co-op? Is Co-op Living Right For Me?

Co-op living is an exciting alternative to owning or renting. . Housing co-ops are independent, self directing, legal associations. . The people who live in co-ops make up the co-op membership. You are a member not a tenant! . Co-ops are democratic organizations, so members of the co-op have a vote in the affairs of their community, budgets', audits, ByLaws, and elections.

Who Lives In A Housing Co-op?

People who want to live as part of a community. . People for whatever reason, do not want to rent or own a home. . People who will be active in their community, participating in landscaping and grass cutting, snow removal, social events, member committees and the care and maintenance of their unit and community.

Co-op Members Are.....

Responsible for their own financial well being. . Willing to encourage friendliness while respecting the rights of others. . Comfortable living within a community of different race, creeds, colours, social backgrounds and income levels. Committed to the principles of co-operation!

Co - operative Principles

1. Voluntary and Open Membership:

2. Democratic Member Control:

3. Member Economic Participation:

4. Autonomy and Independence:

5. Education Traininq, and Information:

6. Co-operation Among Co-operatives:

7. Concern for Community:

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*Commonwealth currently has a "No Dog Pet Policy"*

Located near:

  • 4th Street Ave Shopping Center
  • New Hospital
  • Restaurants
  • Schools

Commonwealth Provides:


    Niagara Peninsula Homes,
    Property Management Company
    41 Victoria Street
    Welland ON
    L3B 4L7
    Phone: 905-788 -0166 ext214